Friday, May 20, 2011

Are We Ready and Packed Yet?


The count down has began, 13 days to go.

We have planed and planed until we are planed out. Flights are booked, hire cars are booked, hotels are booked. Itinerary is done and done again.
Suitcase is ready and by the way empty at the moment. The next thing is what to pack for clothes. I would like to take one hand baggage but I think that all our ‘stuff’ will fit into one larger bag. I forgot we may want to bring some ‘stuff’ back with us.
One would think that this is our first overseas trip, but I just can not seem to get the packing correct. What to take and what to leave behind. It is also hard to pack for the opposite season.

I have been keeping an eye on the temps in London especially, since we are spending most of our time there.

So I have packed some winter and summer clothes. I was trying only to pack what I needed but I don't think that is happening, as usual I think that I have over done it. AGAIN

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