Sunday, July 21, 2013

2013 UK trip.

Diary for UK 2013

Only 6 more days to go before we leave on it trip to UK. It's is the first entry, hopefully don this trip I will not be to tired to make more entries.
I have made notes on what to take, clothes etc. and at the moment we are packing light. Very light, which is very different to other times we travel. 
James is not taking his Australian hat, as he does not want anyone asking him about the austfailure team in the cricket. One thing about going north it should be warmer. 
Also I hope that my knee holds up, or should I say lets me to keep walking. It has been so painfull since my arthroscope I havae wondered if I should be going. BUT all is paid so we are going whether my is better or not.

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