Monday, August 8, 2011

James and myself have been home from Britain for 3 weeks. The first week I slept most and the second I thought that I must do some cleaning and catching with friends and family. Of course I did that and it felt good to be back to somewhat normal. The 3rd week home we decided to go to Port Macquarie for the weekend. We have been the PM many time before, we have stayed in caravan parks, nearby and in motel room and units.

Port Macquarie is a couple of hundred kilometres up the road from where we live. It is a very easy, comfortable drive and we arrived just before lunch.

We had morning tea at a rest stop just before Taree, and lunch on the river at Port Macquarie, after which we took the ferry over to the other side and had a drive around just to see what was there. One long road and about 50 houses lined the river. We drove for about 5 kilometres and we came to another part of the river where there was another ferry but we would have to wait for over an hour to catch it. The ferry was not going as it was lunch time, so we turned around and drove back to the other ferry. We booked in the hotel and after a little rest we walked down into the town of Port Macquarie along the water front and caravan park and breakwater. It was a bit windy and the sand was cutting us to pieces until we walked around the corner. We walked up the main street of Port Macquarie and down by the river, over the hill and back to the hotel. As it was getting late by this time we decided to walk to the bowling club for dinner. We have often eaten at the bowling club and it always has been nice and comfortable and the food has always been delicious, as it was this time also.

Walked back up the hill to the hotel and went to bed.

In the morning we decided to do the round trip to Comboyne, a partly tared road and partly dirt road back to Kendal and then to Kew and back to the Pacific Highway. Although we drove on a dirt road the road was smooth and there were not many cars that came our way or passed us. We had to raod to ourselves which made the drive more enjoyable. We finally arrived in Kendal and then drove to Dunbogan and around the beaches and lookouts which we have been to many time before. It was still nice to visit and see if anything had changes, which it hadn‘t. we had lunch at the North Haven Bowling Club. We have eaten there before and it hadn’t changed either nice food.
The next day we went to the markets at Kendal, although small there was enough to keep us there for an hour. That was my fault as I was talking to the most interesting women I have met for some time.
One lady sold antique aprons. She sold most when Masterchef had been on the week before. All the children who seem to love Masterchef, saw the aprons and want at least one. That is when this lady sold most of them. She told me she had hundreds at home and was only selling the ones she didn't like anymore.
The other lady I met was a lady who grew lavender and made soap, and pillows filled with lavender from her garden. She was most interesting to talk to. The thing I liked most about her, she was keep to share her information with me. That is  rare, very rare, usually one has to take a lesson from the person that has the information you want, or need to know, even if it is for curiostity.
One the way home just before Buladelah, there was a 4wd behind me flashing his lights.
I was not amused, and as I was on the speed limit I slowed down. He just kept flashing his lights, so when we came to the 60kh I slowed down even more. I was not going to be imdimated by him. I asked James is he was a Queenslander, as they are not the most patient drivers, even in NSW or Queensland. I turned off and so did he. That was when I saw the number plate it was a friend of ours. Thank goodness as I though there was going to be an altercation. We stopped at the park for a wee stop and a chat before it started to rain, and we set off again.
Home at last again, unpacked, had a cuppa and relaxed after a great weekend.

Sorry, we forgot the camera, so not photos, which is a pity. Maybe next time.

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